Pointe D’art offers its clients made-to-measure events which take into account the time, setting and theme, according to the clients’ requirements.
The weapon used is the foil and this requires the participants to wear a fencing mask, jacket and glove, as well as sport shoes.
It is a pointing weapon and weighs less than 500 grams.
The point of the blade is protected by a rubber tip to soften the impact.
Below is an example of a typical session lasting roughly 1½ hours. The session can be from 1 to 2 hours long, depending on requirements.

Welcome / presentation of the Fencing Master and his career.
Presentation of fencing and its three weapons (foil, épée, sabre: historical context)

The 3 stages of a session
Specific warm-up
Learning to fence
Friendly team competition

Specific warm-up
Group warm-up using fun and original exercises to prepare for fencing: coordination, reflex, balance and speed of reaction exercises.
This stage allows us to observe everyone’s capacities, the general atmosphere within the group and the participants’ enthusiasm. This observation phase is decisive for the rest of the session because it sets the tone.

Learning to fence
-Much appreciated by the participants, this part of the session starts with putting on the fencing gear: white jacket, glove, mask and soft-tipped foil.
-Learning the fundamentals of fencing: the guard position, movement on the fencing piste, how to hold the foil for better precision, and the three stage salute which is an indispensable mark of respect before each bout.
-Face to face combat situation with a partner: attacking, defending, feinting, or your very own ‘secret attack’.
During this phase, each participant will confront different opponents. This way he will discover his capacity to adapt to different fighting styles.
Introduction to combat strategies and tactics.

Friendly team competition
Depending on the number of participants and the desire of the client, we form teams for a friendly and well-mannered competition.
The Fencing Master and his assistant will judge the bouts.
Debriefing: participant comments and impressions followed by photos of the group in a line and then in a big circle for the “All for one and one for all!”
Following the team competition, rewards can be given out if the client wishes.

Participants should wear sport shoes.
The numbers of men and women involved should be given 24 hours before the activity to prepare suitable jacket sizes. This activity can be done at any time of the day.