FENCING, you’ve always dreamt of doing it…

You wish to discover this sport, in a private lesson, a duo, or as a group.
Our fencing masters will share with you their passion for the sport through fencing lessons at your home or at your workplace.
We can also offer unusual historically charged locations for your fencing lessons.

For more information about or made-to-measure services, call 06 60 58 54 03

THE FENCING CLUB, to initiate or to perfect your skills…

So that you can discover the atmosphere of a salle d’armes, Pointe D’Art opens the doors of its partner clubs to you.

Paris 2ème
Pointe d’Art escrime / Eléphant Paname

Paris 4ème
Les Chevaliers des Blancs Manteaux

Paris 17ème
Sporting Club Universitaire de France

Le Masque de Fer de Montrouge