Our activities
Pointe d’Art is a fencing associating created in 1998.
We have developed two fencing clubs, one in Paris and the other just outside of Paris:
Les Chevaliers des Blancs Manteaux – Paris 4ème  www.chevaliers-blancsmanteaux.com
Le Masque de Fer de Montrouge www.escrime-montrouge.com

The enthusiasm of our members led us to create original fencing activities aimed at businesses, who are now increasingly attracted by this new concept.

Our mission
Provide companies with new sensations and a fun time by teaching them how to fence with our highly-trained instructors.
Offer our clients an innovative and original service.

Pointe d’Art conceives, elaborates and produces its own events. Its team regularly provides such activities and knows how to meet the clients’ needs and demands.

For Pointe d’Art, quality is a fundamental value. Since its creation, all of the company’s activities have been governed by the highest possible standards.