Your program can be enhanced with the following options :

Appearance of top-level champion fencers
Generally, towards the end of the session to give a demonstration and share their experience.

The Olympic format
For groups of 10 to 20 people, equipped with the full fencing attire (white outfit, electric épée with electronic scoring panels at the side of the piste). This format is for those who want to feel what it is really like for the top level fencers.

Ludo fencing
We propose Ludo fencing for groups of 50 to 200 people. This activity follows the same program as the normal session but the weapon used is made from composite materials and is very light and flexible. Ludo fencing doesn’t require any other equipment and can be done wearing normal clothes, but it still offers a real fencing experience.

Artistic fencing
Often taking place during dinner, artistic fencing demonstrations show the audience what fencing was like during the duelling period.

Team challenge
We can offer a more ‘official’ competition than the standard friendly competition, here teams can be organised beforehand (by job type, department, mixed team…)
This option can be enhanced with observation notes from the fencing master based on your specific requirements.

Photos and video of your day